Three police officers have moved one step closer in their bid to receive compensation over being bypassed for promotion.

In a judgement delivered on Monday, High Court Judge Joan Charles granted Cpls Ricardo Morris and Richard Smith, and Sgt Richard Hood an order compelling Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to disclose information on the promotions of their colleagues, since 2016, which is required to assess the compensation owed to them.

Charles said: “They are entitled to damages on the basis of the evidence which they have adduced which proved that they were ranked higher than officers who had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant ahead of them.”

The lawsuit centred around a promotion exercise that was performed by the T&T Police Service (TTPS) in 2016.

Hood, Morris, and Smith placed 552, 613, and 722, respectively, on the merit list of 756 corporals that participated but were not promoted as there were only 460 vacancies at the time.

While the trio filed a lawsuit over the scores they had received on the examination component of the promotion exercise, more corporals that outranked them on the merit list were promoted.

Their case was eventually upheld and their scores increased, but the TTPS appealed the judgement and obtained a stay.

After the appeal was withdrawn in late 2018, Morris and Smith were informed that they were awarded the increased scores and new merit list was created with them placing fourth and fifth.

Hood was not included as he was promoted by virtue of his position in the 2016 merit list before the appeal was withdrawn.

In the case before Charles, the officers were contending that if they were awarded the correct scores when the 2016 list was being prepared they would have outranked colleagues that were promoted ahead of them.

“Based on the fact that the revised marks of the First and Third Claimants were higher than and equal to Hood’s scores, respectively, they should, at the very least, have been promoted at the same time as Hood,” Charles said.

The compensation owed to the officers is expected to be calculated once the information is disclosed and considered.

The officers were represented by Brent Winter, while Joel Roper and Shawn Morris represented the TTPS.