Community spread means COVID-19 cases have spared no city, town, borough, or region across Trinidad and Tobago. Based on epidemiological data from the Ministry of Health between April 25 and May 8, COVID-19 cases continue to be prevalent across the country’s population centres.

The highest overall density of newly detected cases is coming from counties Victoria, St George West, and St George Central, with over 110 to 130 cases per 10,000 people based on cases from epidemiological week 17 (April 25 through May 1) to epidemiological week 18 (May 2 through May 8). Across Nariva/Mayaro, St Andrew/St David, St George East, and Caroni, there are 90 to 110 cases of COVID-19 per 10,000 people. The only counties lower are St Patrick, with 60 to 80 cases per 10,000 people, and Tobago, where there are 40 to 60 cases per 10,000 people.

Explaining the maps

These COVID-19 maps have been produced by the GIS Unit of the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiology Division on May 14, 2021, showing confirmed COVID-19 cases during the epidemiology week from April 25 to May 1. Communities with cases that were confirmed from May 2 through May 8 are highlighted in blue.

St Andrew/St David

Sangre Grande has the highest density of COVID-19 cases during this epidemiological period in the country. Based on the Ministry’s data, there are over 50 confirmed cases within the limits of Sangre Grande. The second-highest number of cases, between 16 and 50 confirmed COVID-19 positive samples are in Valencia, with Fishing Pond coming in at the third-highest, between 11 and 13. From May 2 through May 8, new COVID-19 cases were detected in Toco, L’anse Noir, Morin Bay, Caigual, Turure, Cunaripo, Coryal-Biche, Howsen Village, and Guaico.


In this health administrative area, Rio Claro and Libertville have the highest density of COVID-19 cases during the epidemiological period, between 16-50 cases. Several communities, such as Mayaro, Mafeking, Ecclesville, Poole, Cuche/Navet, and Grand Lagoon, to name a few, have six to ten confirmed COVID-19 positive cases. From May 2 through May 8, only in Mora Settlement were new confirmed cases reported for this region.


Through the pandemic, Victoria has been one of the counties with the highest levels of community spread. Based on epidemiological weeks 17 and 18, Barrackpore, La Romaine, Pleasantville, Vistabella, and Gasparillo have the highest level of spread, with 16 to 50 cases confirmed. Malgretoute and Corinth. Most communities in this health administrative area have between four to ten confirmed cases of COVID-19. From May 2 through May 8, Tableland, Hindustan, Fifth Company, Lengua Village/Barrackpore, Borde Narve, St John’s Village, Wellington, Broomage, and Springland are among the many communities in this region with confirmed new COVID-19 cases.

St Patrick

Located across southwestern Trinidad, this county has the lowest overall confirmed COVID-19 case count on the island. The highest confirmed cases follow population centres such as Cap-de-Ville, Siparia, Point Ligoure, and Penal, with 16 to 50 cases. However, further east and north in the county have higher overall cases, between four to 13. From May 2 through May 8, at least nine communities reported new COVID-19 cases in this region.


This county, located across west-central Trinidad, has historically been one of the counties with the highest spread and COVID-19 cases through the pandemic. Epidemiological data shows high COVID-19 case counts across multiple communities, including Couva Central, Freeport, Carlsen Field, Longdenville, Carapichaima, Edinburgh 500, Enterprise, Montrose Village, Felicity, Charlieville, and Cunupia, to name a few of the communities with 16 to 50 confirmed cases. From May 2 through May 8, at least 13 communities reported new COVID-19 cases in this region.

St George East, St George Central, St George West

These three counties encompass Trinidad’s east-west Corridor, where some of the country’s highest population densities are located. As COVID-19 cases have been clustered to population centres, it should come as no surprise to see multiple communities reporting a high number of cases. Based on the epidemiological data, 11 communities in St George East, seven communities in St George Central, and 14 communities in St George West reported 16 to 50 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

From April 25 through May 8, St George Central and St George West have some of the highest COVID-19 case densities in the country. From May 2 through May 8, five communities in St George East, five communities in St George Central, and seven communities in St George West have reported new COVID-19 cases.


In the last few weeks, COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed on the island, reaching a record high peak of 100 active cases last Wednesday and Thursday. Similar to Trinidad, COVID-19 cases remain clustered in population centres, with the highest density of cases confirmed in Old Grange/Sou Sou Lands. New cases have been confirmed in Delaford, Glamorgan, Cinnamon Hall, Calder Hall/Friendsfield, Patience Hill, Mary’s Hill, Bethel, and Milford Court/Pigeon Point between May 2 and May 8.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of complacency

COVID-19 is everywhere. These maps only show laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in T&T, meaning people who have not been tested but COVID-19 positive could be in these communities but not reflected on the map. Therefore, epidemiologists continue to stress that if you see a community with low to no COVID-19 cases on these maps, do not let that lull you into a false sense of complacency, putting your life and the lives of those you love in jeopardy.