Vivek Charran

The Confederation of Regional Business Chambers is condemning the recent spate of violence and murders against businesses and the home invasions which occurred last week.

Chairman of the Confederation Vivek Charran is calling for an urgent meeting with the Acting Commissioner of Police, the Minister of National Security, and the Prime Minister to develop immediate solutions “to mitigate this grim crime surge.”

According to a release from the confederation, the managing director of Reliable Appliances, Brian Manswell and several of his employees were attacked and beaten by multiple bandits who raided the business place.

The chamber also criticised the murder of businesswoman Nicole Moses at her Westmoorings home, calling the murder “ugly and horrendous.”

Charran expressed “trepidation that criminals are strategically targeting homes and businesses in broad daylight in planned attacks with multiple assailants.”

He said that rising crime was “counterproductive to business expansion, business investment, the safety of employees and to the detriment of the standard of living, particularly with invasions into the family home.”

Ricardo Mohammed, vice chairman of the confederation, said that the time has come for Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob to dramatically speed up the approval of Firearms User’s Licences, implement the Police Patrol Technology, and have the national CCTV camera network fully functional.

The confederation noted that in both instances, the police were able to arrive on the scene and engage the criminals and stop the acts of crime from progressing further despite the losses, collateral damage and death.