PDP Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine after filing his nomination papers to contest the Parlatuvier/L’ Anse Fourmi/Speyside seat, at the John Dial Community Centre, yesterday.

The Progressive Democratic Patriots is predicting victory in the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly elections. The elections, which are scheduled for January 25, will see the party presenting 12 candidates for selection by the Tobago electorate. After filing nomination papers yesterday, Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine said his team is ready to transform Tobago’s development.

“For far too long we have been stymied by people who are interested in themselves and interested in their own pockets and more interested in benefitting their friends and families. We are going to bring a type of governance that would be in the interest of all Tobagonians.”

Noticeably absent was the party’s Political Leader Watson Duke, who members said filed his nomination papers earlier Monday and left for Trinidad on urgent business.

Confident of victory, Augustine, who will lead the charge on the party’s behalf said the PDP will make Tobago one of the best little islands in existence. Augustine said the PDP is prepared to serve the island in the event they are unsuccessful at the polls as they have been doing since the party was formed in 2016.

“Our members have always remained grounded whether it’s in the church community groups, sports groups wherever, we have never lost touch with our roots because we are Tobagonians first.”

According to Augustine, the party has been making contributions to the island although they were not in office.

“We are the ones who highlighted the lack of public transport in the east by walking from Roxborough to Scarborough and we brought international attention to the failure of the sea bridge by undertaking the great swim— within days they found a boat.”

He also shed some light on the role of the party’s Political Leader should the PDP be victorious at the polls, following speculation that Duke would not allow Augustine to assume the role of Chief Secretary.

“Mr Duke will be the Area Representative for Belle Garden/East Roxborough/ Delaford and Mr Duke will continue to serve as such until the end of his tenure and Mr Duke has made it clear and public to everyone that he is preparing for 2025 where he would have another bite at the opportunity to become a Member of Parliament for Tobago East.”

Augustine said Duke felt he would better be able to serve the island at the parliamentary level in order to deliver more to the people.