T’Shauna Griffith-Bain and her husband Davy Bain wait as officers search their vehicle during a traffic stop yesterday.

Derek Achong

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has rubbished claims that he will take disciplinary action against a group of police officers who stopped and searched a vehicle his daughter, T’shauna Griffith-Bain, was travelling in yesterday.

Responding to a video of the incident posted on social media yesterday, Griffith said accompanying rumours that he would transfer the officers unless they apologise were untrue.

“I have no idea what that is about regarding transfers and apologies. Somebody has a wild imagination,” Griffith told Guardian Media.

Griffith said the officers were performing their jobs and he does not get involved in basic police operations.

“Regardless of who they stop, that is our job. Any issue that any citizen has, they can send it to the PCA,” Griffith said.

The seven-minute video clip, apparently recorded by one of the officers, depicts Griffith’s daughter and her husband Davy Bain interfacing with the officers while they conducted a search of the vehicle at the side of the road. The location could not be ascertained in the video.

Griffith’s son-in-law was heard answering the officers’ questions, while his wife, who was mostly silent, appeared to question the officers’ intrusion.

The officer, who appeared to be making the recording, was heard warning her about disorderly behaviour being an offence.

“You cannot talk to us the way you want. I am not your father,” the officer said.

The officer then warned the couple that she could be ticketed for having two broken fog lights. However, no ticket was eventually issued.

“We cannot issue a ticket for it because we do not have the proper implements,” the officer said.

Before the couple was allowed to leave, Griffith’s son-in-law thanked the officers for doing their jobs and offered to shake the hand of the officer who was recording the video. The officer declined, however, as he claimed such would be in breach of COVID-19 regulations.