A police officer currently on injury leave shot and killed an alleged robber during a botched robbery attempt at Longdenville on Saturday night.

Investigators said around 8:30 pm, the police constable and his wife went to buy a boat engine. They told police they drove a B2500 twin cab along a bumpy gravel road. When he reached the location, he met two men, one of whom had a gun. The officer said the gunmen placed the weapon to his neck and announced a holdup.

The gunman then entered the van and forced the policemen to drive further along the gravel road. Another bandit sat on the tray of the van.

After driving a little way, the officer was ordered out of the van. He told investigators that the unarmed robber hit him a slap on the face and told him to hand over the money. The policeman’s wife handed over $15,000.

Police said the gunman then shoved the gun at the police man’s mouth but he managed to snatch hold of the gun and fired at the robbers who started to run.

The officer then jumped into his van and drove straight to the Longdenville police station. He told police about the incident and took them to the scene of the shooting.

Half an hour later, they found a man wearing three-quarter pants, a grey jersey and a pink face mask lying dead. He was slumped face down and had a Taurus 9 mm revolver close to his body. There were gunshot wounds to the chest and back. One magazine fitted with 6 rounds of 9 mm was fitted in the firearm.

The body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre and an autopsy will be done on Monday.

—Radhica De Silva