PNM supporters move along Pinto Main Road on Saturday during Arima candidate Pennelope Beckles-Robinson walkabout in the are during her campaign.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is calling on experienced campaign managers to guide new and inexperienced candidates on the requirements needed to produce to the police during any political motorcades especially where there are loudspeakers and or music trucks involved.

On Saturday, Griffith was forced to shut down major political motorcades along the Western Main Road in Carenage that caused three miles of gridlock traffic.

Griffith explained that there were no documents to show by either political parties—the United National Congress and the People’s National Movement that they had the necessary documentation in hand that would have given them full permission by the CoP.

“The TTPS intends to do what is required to ensure this will be the safest general election in this country with very few situations or concerns. We operated in that manner during the carnival season, doing what is required, during the COVID-19 pandemic and now going into another operation,” Griffith said.

“Unfortunately over the last few days, there have been situations where, based on persons not being or understanding and then even actually believing they are right, have been making comments and statements. So we are here to explain to the public the do’s and don’ts on what is required and what is needed to do as there are aspects of a general elections campaign and each will have requirements or different regulations,” he added.

Griffith explained the need to adhere to COVID guidelines during walkabouts.

With respect to cottage meetings, Griffith further explained that no permission is needed from the CoP or anyone, especially if on private property, but again, “you need to adhere to the COVID-19 Regulations.”

“However, if you’re playing loud music you may need documents from COTT and EMA. The big one, as it pertains to motorcades that seems to be the biggest issue, there would be certain situations that took place on Saturday and as the CoP, I was forced to shut down both motorcades,” Griffith said.

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) later issued a statement saying that a Noise Variation is not required from the EMA for motorcades with music trucks.