Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

In a press release issued this afternoon Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith reminded all political parties that they must get permission from his office to hold motorcades.
He also said that political parties must also adhere to the guidelines in the Public Health Ordinance with regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The Commissioner said two weeks ago he explained that music trucks must get clearance from various State agencies to be able to be part of political motorcades.
These would include getting permission from the TTPS and the Licensing Authority.
He said his office received reports that some of the motorcades have not been following the rules.
With regards to the motorcades, Commissioner Griffith issued the following guidelines to political parties:

(1) Stick to the planned route for the motorcade.
(2) Adhere to the time you have requested, and at least half an hour before the end, your supporters must be informed of the time you are cutting off.
(3) Persons are not to be conveyed dangerously, for example, sitting or standing on any open tray vehicle.
(4) A motorcade is a motorcade and persons must not be walking to the back or front or even between vehicles.
This causes a hindrance to vehicular traffic.