Police Commisioner Gary Griffith

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says all parties contesting the General Elections need to submit a written application for approval before any political campaign motorcade is held.

The following is a press release from the TTPS:

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, is reminding all political parties contesting the upcoming General Elections that they must submit written applications for approval of motorcades during the current campaign period.

The application must include the proposed date of the motorcade and other relevant information, such as the duration, the intended route, and how many persons and vehicles are expected to participate in the procession.

All persons participating in the motorcades are advised to practice social distancing during the event. Political parties are also advised that while no permission is required from the police to hold a political meeting during this election campaign period, social distancing guidelines must be adhered to and there should be no more than 25 persons congregating at the meeting, or during walkabouts.

Commissioner Griffith says that although political parties do not need permission to hold political meetings, he is advising them to inform the TTPS of meetings and walkabouts, so there can be a police presence so as to ensure that these events are completed incident-free.