A Woman Municipal police officer was shot and wounded after the gun of one of her colleagues accidentally discharged while at the San Juan Police Station on Saturday.

According to a police report, MWPC Jaistri Singh, 36, and other officers of the San Juan/Laventille Municipal Corporation Police returned to the San Juan Police Station to lodge their firearms at about 5:40 pm.

Police said the officers were at the designated clearing pit area of the San Juan Police Station, clearing their firearms, when a single gunshot was heard.

Officers in the San Juan charge room quickly responded and observed WPC Singh bleeding from a wound to the left shin.

One of her colleagues told police that he was clearing his pistol in the clearing bin when one round of ammunition was accidentally discharged and struck Singh.

Ag Sgt Pierre applied a Quick Clot to the wound and instructed that she be immediately taken to the hospital.

Officers took the injured officer to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for treatment where she was taken into the operating theatre.

The scene was processed and one Glock pistol was seized.

Police said Singh remains under observation and in a stable condition.