Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith. (Image: NICOLE DRAYTON)

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith has issued a warning about posting personal information of women on social media. The top cop has said: “Stop it!”

His statement is in response to a recent video believed to have been posted in social media by police officers, which showed women who were detained by police for attending a Zess party in Tobago over the weekend.  The 29-second video showed the women’s full faces and gave audio to them answering questions by an officer about their name, age and date-of-birth.

In an official release sent by the Police Service last evening, Griffith said it is unfortunate that the video of police officers questioning women at a party in Tobago was uploaded to social media.

However, he clarified matters for those people who objected to the questions being asked by the officers of the women.

“What the officers were doing was not abnormal, as this is done during regular roadblocks and other exercises,” the Commissioner said.

“What was disturbing,” he added, “was that the personal information of these women, in particular, their names and addresses were revealed on social media.”

Griffith said this should not have been done, especially at a time when women and girls are reported missing, and there are reports of attacks on women, some of which have resulted in murder.

“Whoever posted this, I am asking you to take it down immediately and to desist from spreading this information. I want to assure the public that a full investigation will be carried out to determine who uploaded such sensitive information in the public domain,” Griffith said.