Sascha Wilson

Senior police officers have ordered an investigation into claims of domestic violence abuse made on social media against a police officer by his wife.

The woman, who is from Princes Town, posted photos of her bruised and swollen face and arm which she claimed were as a result of beatings inflicted on her by the officer.

She also posted a photo of the alleged abuser. She claimed he is attached to the Marabella Police Task Force.

The woman stated, “This is what I’m dealing with 15 years now. I’m not ashamed anymore. I’ve tried my best to make my marriage work for my 12-year-old daughter and today I choose to make a way better for myself and my daughter.”

She said she would no longer be hiding and pretending that everything was okay. After seeing the post, a senior officer instructed the police to investigate her claims.

He assured that the matter would be properly investigated and once there is evidence the officer will be arrested and charged.

Guardian Media was informed that the Gender-Based Violence Unit is also investigating and the Police Complaints Authority has been notified of the post.