Devon Turpin

Five people have been charged with the murder of Aleivon Nurse, alias “Crime Boss” which occurred at Providence Road, Les Coteaux, Tobago, on July 3, 2020.

The charges against the five mean that all eight murders in Tobago for 2020, have been solved, a statement from the Police Service has said.

The Homicide Bureau of Investigations (HBI) conducted an investigative operation called, “Rolling Waves” in the Tobago Division.

This investigative operation was done in collaboration with the Tobago Division, Central Intelligence Bureau, Special Investigations Unit, RAU, CSMU, Finance Branch, T&T Air Guard, with field operations by the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), and other strategic internal and external partners.

This operation involved the investigation into the death of Aleivon Nurse alias “Crime Boss” of Franklyn Road, Les Coteaux, who was shot dead on July3, 2020.

The Police held discussions with Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard SC, on Saturday and he advised that the following people be charged with murder:

1. Devon Turpin, alias “Papers”, of Upper Mendez Drive Extensión, Champ Fleurs.

2. Kurt Eastman, alias “Blacka”, of Belmont Road, Mason Hall, Tobago.

3. Treston Reno, alias “Yankee”, of Charford Court, Port-of-Spain;

4. Uri Fletcher, of Cardiff Road, Pembroke Tobago;

5. J’on Jodel Duke, of Cocrico Avenue, Buccoo, Tobago.

Investigations were also conducted into the death of Dwight Turpin which occurred June 24, 2020. Investigations revealed that Aleivon Nurse and Kenny Wolfe, now deceased, were responsible for commiting that murder.

Investigations continued into the death of 19-year-old Ellena Dial, of Riseland Trace, Carnbee, Tobago, who was stabbed and burnt at Kilgwyn Beach, Canaan, Tobago, and who succumbed to her injuries on July 17, 2020.

An audience was held last Thursday with Gaspard who advised that Alliyah Farrell, 18, of Coira Road, Siparia, be jointly charged with Antonio Marcelle, aka “AJ”, 20, of Egbo Gully, Les Couteaux, Tobago, for the offence of murder.

Marcelle was previously charged on August 17, 2020.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob said the decision to charge the five men with murder was as a result of painstaking and meticulous investigations by various sections of the TTPS.

He said: “That was outstanding work from the officers of all the sections involved and I commend them tremendously. It was a great team effort.