Gideon Dickson, President of the Police Social and Welfare Association

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Social and Welfare Association is condemning the brazen shootings in the capital city and by extension criminal activities across the country and its appealing to citizens to “do something, say something.”

In a release yesterday signed by President Gideon Dickson and Secretary Ancil Forde, the Association extended its deepest condolences to all families “affected by such heinous acts of cowardice by miscreants in the society.”

At this juncture the association said it should be clear to the public “the extent of fire power being used against law abiding citizens and the challenges TTPS officers face daily.”

The Association is commending all officers “as they continue to execute their duties courageously and selflessly.”

However the release said the Association was concerned at the “deafening silence of stakeholders and citizens against such treacherous behaviour.”

Via the release the association which represents police officers issued a public appeal to all involved “to assist in the fight against crime, as all entities must not sit idly by and allow the destruction of our beautiful twin island republic.”

The Association is urging members of the public to “do something, say something.”

This it said can be done either in person at any police station or anonymously by communicating with 555, 800-TIPS, or downloading the TTPS App.

It said it will endorse “a united effort by all to make Trinidad and Tobago safe again.”