Police arrested seven people suspected of being involved in gang activities in the Valsayn community, during an Operation Strike Back Three exercise, this week.

Officers of the Northern Division Gang Intelligence Unit also seized two firearms and ammunition during the exercise.

Following the arrests, the Police Service issued an appeal to the public to continue partnering with them by providing information on suspected gang members and gang activities to the Police Anti-Crime hotline 555, or sharing the information anonymously through the TTPS’ App, as it works to detect and dismantle organized crime within communities.

Guardian Media understands that during the recent Operation Strike Back Three exercise, police officers executed a search warrant at the home of a 21-year-old suspect of East Grove, Valsayn, during which they allegedly discovered one Desert Eagle nine-millimetre firearm with one magazine and ten rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

The police officers also seized one extended magazine with 20 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. The man was immediately arrested in connection with the seizure.

Meanwhile, police officers, with the assistance of the Canine Unit, subsequently searched an overgrown area in the community where they found one Smith and Wesson with ten rounds of ammunition.

The operation culminated with the arrests of seven suspects, ages 25 to 46 years, who are believed to be a part of the new ‘East Grove Killers’ gang.