Dr Rudredeva Sharma

Police are probing conflicting reports which have emerged in the alleged kidnapping of two doctors from the San Fernando General Hospital which resulted in the death of Dr Rudradeva Sharma.

Initial reports indicated that Sharma was found in the trunk of his wrecked Honda CRV SUV, but yesterday one of the alleged abductors put a different spin on the tragedy allegedly telling a police officer that Sharma was in fact the driver of the vehicle.

The 19-year-old is one of four suspects in the kidnapping of Sharma and his colleague Dr. Prem Naidoo , the robbery and theft of Sharma’s SUV on Wednesday night.

Reports into the tragedy were that Sharma, 38 of La Romaine and Naidoo, 37 of Palmiste finished their shifts at the San Fernando General Hospital around 10 pm Tuesday and were seated in the SUV along Rushworth Street Ext. Around 11.58 pm, the armed suspects approached the SUV, ordered the doctors out and robbed them of their mobile phones.

The doctors were reportedly tied up and placed in the back of the SUV.The suspects sped off towards the Solomon Hochoy Highway. Around 1.50 am Wednesday as they neared Macaulay, Claxton Bay, the driver lost control of the SUV.

Surveillance footage along the highway showed the SUV flipping more than 16 times before stopping in the grass.

Highway Patrol units and ambulances responded, and the men were taken to the hospital.While at the scene, the officers found a firearm. Checks were conducted as to whether it was registered to any of the doctors, but it was not.

San Fernando CID detectives met with the doctors at the hospital and learnt that they were kidnapped.Sharma, the nephew of former tourism minister Chandresh Sharma, died before reaching the Accident and Emergency Department. His funeral is expected to be held on Sunday.The three suspects were under police guard at hospital, causing anger and fear among doctors and nursing staff.

One of the suspects, a 19-year-old from Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, was released on Wednesday evening.

In a conversation with an officer, the 19 year old suspect is reported to have alleged that they were friends with the doctors and all of them were drinking and liming on Wednesday night. A fourth suspect, who miraculously walked out of the wrecked vehicle which overturned several times, was said to be another friend, whom they were going to drop off in St Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay.

Up to yesterday, the mystery person, who was seen via surveillance footage leaving the scene of the accident, had not been found.Investigators said the suspect did not give an official statement to the San Fernando CID, which is yet to interrogate the suspect. This is expected to be done soon.

Investigators are suspicious of the story given by the suspect. They believe that he made the claims because of the predicament that he faces. They said all statements will be checked against the evidence retrieved.

Naidoo was discharged on Wednesday night and was expected to be interviewed again.

When Guardian Media visited his home, the family said no one was available for an interview.

Investigators are also working to retrieve footage from other surveillance cameras along the highway. Police are hoping to determine what took place between 11.58 pm Tuesday when the doctors were snatched and 1.50 am when the accident occurred.One of Sharma’s relatives scoffed at the teen’s claim, saying that it goes against the evidence that the deceased was found in the back of the SUV and according to reports, his hands were tied.Akeem Marine, one of two suspects who remained at the hospital on Wednesday night, died yesterday morning.

Police said Marine, 19, of Lady Hailes Avenue, succumbed to his injuries around 7 am. He was a known firearm offender.

Meanwhile, the third suspect, a 17-year-old boy, also from Lady Hailes Avenue, remains in a serious condition after suffering internal injuries in the crash.

Residents around the scene of the abduction reported that they saw him with a gun on his waist on Tuesday night.

However, police said he was discharged into police custody yesterday afternoon.

He was expected to be taken to the juvenile booking centre in South Oropouche.

Investigators said he may have partial paralysis.