Police officers keep watch outside the First Citizens Bank on High Street, San Fernando on Monday.


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Calls are being made for the Gran Couva and Brasso police stations to be shut down and sanitized after two police officers tested positive for COVID-19.

More than four police officers have been quarantined but over 20 others believe they have been put at risk after coming into contact with one of their colleagues.

A source said that on Thursday a police constable spent 45 minutes at the Gran Couva police station interacting with fellow officers. He handed his firearm to a WPC and then spent some time speaking to his sergeant. When he left, he did not tell any of his colleagues he had tested positive but on Saturday word spread that he was positive. He was subsequently quarantined at the Couva Hospital.

Meanwhile, at the Brasso station, a woman police constable from the Child Protection Unit was also put on quarantine after her husband, an officer at the Port-of-Spain CID, contracted COVID-19. The WPC has not reported for work and was said to be in quarantine. On Friday, the Brasso station was sanitized but only the CPU section upstairs was sanitized.

The WPC had been interacting with colleagues downstairs the station but no sanitization was done there, a source explained. Since both incidents occurred, several police officers have been calling in sick. Many are unwilling to come to work because they do not feel safe in the buildings. A recommendation has been made to shut down the Brasso station and have all the officers moved to the Brasso police post.

On Monday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith confirmed that two police officers had tested positive for COVID-19.

So far several police stations including, Moruga, Barrackpore, Gran Couva, Brasso and Police Administrative Building have been closed for some hours and sanitized.

At the Moruga station, three soldiers and two Coast Guard officers continued to be in self-quarantine and the station continues to operate. A total of 13 officers had expressed concerns to their seniors after coming into contact with a colleague who had a COVID-19 positive case at his house. That officer has since been tested and is awaiting further results.