DDirector of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard has given instructions for charges to be laid against two police officers for perverting the course of justice.

PC Keron George and PC Hendron Kellon Moses were arrested and charged on Friday and will appear before an Arima magistrate.

It is alleged that on February 21 at approximately 8 pm on they went on mobile patrol with another officer. PC George was issued with a TTPS Galil rifle with 35 rounds 5.56 ammunition and a TTPS Sig Sauer pistol with two magazines and 30 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition.

While on patrol at Sorzano Street, Arima, PC George told the other officers that one of his magazines had malfunctioned and all of the 15 rounds 9mm ammunition it contained had fallen out. PC George checked the rounds in the presence of the two other officers and secured the 15 rounds 9mm ammunition and the magazine on his person.

The next morning at 12.40 am, PC George returned to the Arima Police Station with PC Moses and the other officer and reported that he lost 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition which had been issued to him in bushes along Old Brazil Road while giving chase to suspicious persons.

Ag. Inspector Joseph, the Duty Inspector at the station did an initial enquiry and asked for reports from PC George, PC Moses and the other officer. At 5.30 am that day PC George allegedly submitted a handwritten, one-page report stating that he had lost 15 rounds 9mm ammunition due to a faulty magazine while giving chase to suspects. PC Moses also allegedly submitted a handwritten, one-page report.

Ag Inspector Joseph reported his findings to Ag ASP Birch and officers from the Northern Division Task Force, in company with the accused, searched the alleged area of the chase along Old Brazil Road with a metal detector. However, no ammunition was found.

Ag Inspector Joseph questioned the two accused and took a statement from the other officer who was on patrol with the accused. That officer said there was no chase at Old Brazil Road only a malfunction of the magazine at Sorzano Street, Arima. Ag Inspector Joseph then contacted the Professional Standards Bureau and made a report.

PC George was arrested on Thursday and subsequently charged with doing an act to pervert the course of public justice to wit, submitting a false report and larceny of 15 rounds 9-millimetre ammunition. PC Moses was also arrested and charged with the same offence.

PC George secured $150,000 bail and will answer the charges in the Arima Magistrates Court on December 17, PC Moses, who was granted $60,000 bail, is due to appear before an Arima magistrate today.