Investigators from the Police Service at the scene of where the new remains were discovered in Heights of Arima today, Friday 5 February 2021. (Image: ABRAHAM DIAZ)

The Police Service has confirmed initial reports that more remains were discovered in Aripo, this morning.

An official statement from the TTPS says the remains of a human and an animal were found in bushes down a precipice off the road at the Heights of Aripo.

According to the release, Homicide Bureau officers received information that led them to the scene where they found the remains in a state of decomposition. On checking further, investigators determined that the remains were those of a human and an animal.

The remains were found not too far from where the decomposed body of kidnapped victim, Andrea Bharatt, was found on Thursday, February 4th, 2021.

Crime Scene personnel currently are on the scene.

Investigations are continuing.