Kadijah Flament.


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Although police recovered human skeletal remains while looking for missing Princes Town mother Kadijah Flament, her family continued their search yesterday.

Flament’s mother, Anastasia, said homicide investigators are yet to share any information with them on whether the remains could be her daughter.

“I do not know if it is her. Probably if I saw some photos or whatever I might know. They said they have not done forensics as yet, so they do not know if it is a male or female. Forensic would not call me today, but I am continuing the search until I get a call,” Anastacia said.

The family moved their search to the bushes around the Princes Town Cemetery, which is near Lothians Road where Flament lived with her boyfriend, Raymond Frederick.

Anastasia said she got advice to petition Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to allow the family to continue searching for Flament during curfew hours today and tomorrow.

“I do not want to stop until I get her. I am outside since the day she went missing. We are doing our search apart from the police,”she said.

On June 7, Flament, 24, left home to visit her eight-year-old daughter who lived with a friend at Olera Heights, San Fernando. Before the 9 pm curfew, Anastasia called Flament’s phone, and someone answered, saying that she was liming with a friend in Port-of-Spain.

However, the person ended the call abruptly, leading Anastasia to question who had her daughter’s phone.

On June 10, Flament’s aunt Anita reported her missing to Princes Town police. When investigators tried tracing Flament’s phone, the last area of recorded activity was a cell tower near Olera Heights.

Police said they searched an apartment in Olera Heights and found several of Flament’s belonging and was told she was killed and her body dumped in the old canefields of Ste Madeleine.

During a police search for Flament on Thursday, they found human skeletal remains.

A police report stated that around 11.30 am, Insp Rampallard of the Air Support Unit searched the agricultural lands off Reform Road, Gasparillo, with air surveillance equipment.

While doing so, he found the remains in a burnt area along a dirt road on the southern side.

Officers went to a dirt road near LP 21 and saw the remains where garbage is dumped and burnt.

A District Medical Officer ordered the removal of the skeletal remains to Dass Funeral Home, Marabella, for safekeeping until a post mortem at the Forensic Science Center, St James.