Mark Bassant

Lead Editor, Investigative Desk

Investigators from the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) are continuing their probe into a particular transaction involving the potential sale of a luxury vehicle by a Government official, but senior investigators told Guardian Media last night that contrary to information carried in another newspaper, there has been “no search of a government official’s home.”

Two days ago, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith confirmed to another newspaper that a Government official was under investigation for facilitating a tax exemption for one million for a member of the public to buy a luxury vehicle.

Contacted last evening, Griffith said he would neither confirm nor deny anything at this stage.

Well-placed sources familiar with the case, who have been speaking with Guardian Media over the last few days, said that investigators had been asking for particular guidance from the white-collar units of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on the matter. Sources confirmed that questions were asked about obtaining a production order related to the Government official’s bank accounts.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, a production order is obtained to access material relating to a known person or business, such as bank statements and any other correspondence. The production order is granted by a judge and it requires the person in question to either hand over the material contained in the order to a law enforcement officer, or grant them access to the material.

Sources say the official in question also has questionable business transactions that are also on their radar.