A party of police officers opened fire on an alleged car thief as they were attempting to intercept him in Sangre Grande on Tuesday night.

According to a police report, around 7.45 pm the party of police officers on patrol in the area received a wireless transmission via the command centre of a report of a robbery at Guaico Trace, Cunaripo via Sangre Grande area, where a silver Nissan AD Wagon was stolen from its owner.

The party of officers proceeded onto the Little Cora Road and on reaching in the vicinity of LP 65 Little Cora Road Cumuto, the stolen vehicle, being driven by a man, proceeding north along the said road.

The party of officers called on the driver of the stolen vehicle to stop, with one of the officers coming out of the car for the driver to halt.

But police said the vehicle swerved to the western side of the roadway in an attempt to evade the marked police vehicle, causing the said officers to take evasive action.

One of the officers reportedly saw a firearm being pointed at them and in keeping with the TTPS’ use of force policy fired ten rounds in the direction of the stolen vehicle.

Police reports indicated a second officer also drew his service issued pistol and fired 11 rounds in the direction of the car.

The vehicle then sped off in a northerly direction.

The party of officers gave chase along the Little Cora Road Cumuto, however, the driver of the stolen vehicle managed to escape.

A short while later, officers said, they received information that the motor vehicle was found abandoned in the Wallerfield area off the Cumuto Main Road. The officers went to the area where they were met by other police officers and a comprehensive check of the area was made for the suspect without success. The officers subsequently returned to the area of the shooting and preserved the crime scene.

Investigations are continuing.