A happy and relieved Debra Sookram with her pet parrot, Jessica. (Images courtesy Debra Sookram Facebook)

Gasparillo Police are being praised by a resident for finding her stolen pet parrot, Jessica, and arresting the man who took her.

Elated to be reunited with her pet parrot, Debra Sookram posted on Facebook:

“Thanks to the officers of Gasparillo Police Station. Sgt Ishmael, PC Dass, PC Rivers, PC Paul, PC Gupte, WPC Anthony for helping me tonight so my baby Jessica is home safe with me again. Unfortunately, she was stolen, and the bandit was caught. Thanks again.”

Sookram reported to the police that she saw her parrot around 5:15 pm on Monday in her usual liming spot in front of her house at Ben Lomond Village. But when she went to retrieve Jessica, she could not find her.

Sookram’s neighbour told her a man from the area had taken the bird.

Sookram reportedly called the police and Sgt Ishmael led a party of officers to the scene. Their inquires led to an address in the area where they found the suspect. When the police confronted him, he allegedly replied:

“Boss, I really take de parrot. I was going to curry it.”

The suspect reportedly took the officers to a blue barrel in his gallery in which they found the parrot.  He was arrested and taken to the police station.

At Gasparillo Police Station – A happy and relieved Debra Sookram after being reunited with her pet parrot, Jessica. (Images courtesy Debra Sookram Facebook)

Debra Sookram broke down in tears when she was reunited with Jessica at the station. She also apologised to the officers who were bitten by Jessica. 

“Thank you so much, all the hard-working officers in Gasparillo Police Station, for your quick response in finding and returning my baby Jessica safe to me… Sgt Ishmael. PC Dass. PC Paul. PC Gupte. WPC Anthony and PC Rivers who got injured… Sorry for the bite from Jessica.”

PC Guptie is investigating.