Garvin Jack


Investigations are continuing into several crime related incidents, incidents a murder, which happened with curfew hours on Sunday.

A 29-year-old man, who broke curfew on Sunday night by leaving a friend’s house in Mt D’or, was shot and thrown over a precipice.

The victim has been identified as Darkwell ‘Darkie’ Thompson, 24, of Community Drive, Mt. D’or, Champs Fleurs.

According to a police report, at about 10 pm Thompson had just left his friend’s house and was walking along Community Drive, near a precipice when a car drove up to him and occupants shot him several times. The car then sped off.

Residents heard the gunshots and went outside. They saw Thompson attempting to climb up onto the road from the precipice. He was shot several times to the lower body.

The police were called and he was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. He died while undergoing emergency surgery.

In an unrelated murder, Ricardo Ottley, 31, of Douglas Trace, Simeon Road, Petit Valley,was found dead at his home.

At about 6. 15 pm on Sunday police responded to reports of gunshots at Ottley’s house.

When they arrived they met Ottley’s brother who took them to a one-bedroom apartment where Ottley was lying dead on the ground.

Meanwhile, police are continuing investigations into the murder of Maloney resident Garvin Jack.

A report said about 1.05 pm yesterday, Jack, also known as JJ, of Building 6 Apartment 4 2N, Maloney Gardens, was sitting in a cafe near his home when a man walked up to him and shot him several times.

Jack was taken to the Arima Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police sources said that while they are yet to determine a motive for Jack’s killing they suspect that it may have been a reprisal for a shooting incident that took place in the area on Sunday.