Michael Deonarine and his common-law wife Crystal Jagroop.

Sascha Wilson

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discoveries of a couple’s decomposing bodies at their New Grant home this evening.

They have been identified as Michael Deonarine and his common-law wife Crystal Jagroop, 25, of Gangaram Trace, Brothers Road.

Deonarine’s uncle Amar Dularsingh told reporters that a neighbour was walking home from work when he got a foul stench emanating from the couple’s home which is close to the road.

The neighbour saw flies coming from an open window of the house and as he got closer the stench got worse.

Dularsingh said after the neighbour called him he went to the couple’s home and also got the putrid scent. He then called the Tableland police.

The police broke down the front door because it was locked and went inside. He said Deonarine was naked on the bed while Jagroop was on the ground clad only in a top. There were wounds on their bodies.

Asked whether the police suspect murder/suicide, he said, “They can’t say as yet but we believe so.”

He said last week the couple visited his home and had something to eat. They had been together for just over a year, he said. Jagroop had a young daughter from a previous relationship but the child was by a relative. Officers of the Tableland Police and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations are continuing.