Detained patrons sitting on the dance floor of the club, while police officers verified their ID and other information, before releasing them. (Image: MARK BASSANT)


At least 75 people were momentarily detained by police officers of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and officers of the Western Division Task Force, after officers swooped down on the popular Residence nightclub in One Woodbrook Place just before midnight on Sunday.

Senior investigators told Guardian Media that police gained entry into the nightclub by breaking the chain lock to the door of the basement entrance just after 11:35 p.m.

The operations were spearheaded by Senior Superintendent Thompson, along with ASP Henry and SORT.

Guardian Media arrived on the scene shortly after and went through the basement entrance to later see a man lying on the ground on his stomach, handcuffed, with two police officers standing guard.

Sources say that several of the patrons who were attending a private function were not wearing masks and were later ticketed and released by the police.  Senior police sources informed Guardian Media that the children of prominent businesspeople who were at the event were allowed to leave.

Several patrons who were caught off guard were later made to sit on the dance floor for more than three hours as police scoured their identification cards.  Two sniffer dogs also were brought in to search for any illegal narcotics amongst the detained persons.

The mobile detention unit bus brought by police to the Residence nightclub raid, in the event any arrests were made. (Image: MARK BASSANT)

The police also had brought a mobile detention unit bus in the event that they had to arrest anyone and take them to the police station.  However, police said that was not necessary after those persons who were ticketed were allowed to leave the premises.

A concerned parent who arrived on the scene shortly after 2 am said his daughter was one of the persons detained inside.

He said she later spoke to him and told him that he could leave since she was not going to be arrested and she would be given a ride home by a friend who was also inside the club.

One of the management team at the nightclub who spoke with Guardian Media this morning on the condition of anonymity, said no one had been arrested contrary to other media reports.

The management personnel said that police had given them a stern warning about having any events after the 10 pm cut off time.

Some other members of the management team who were at the club, along with some staff members, were detained by police for questioning but were expected to be released later in the day.

Police officers on guard outside the Residence nightclub at One Woodbrook Place in St James, during the raid just after midnight on Sunday. (Image: MARK BASSANT)