Acting Inspector Lystra Briglal, from the TTPS’ Gender-Based Violence Unit, addresses the media during yesterday’s weekly police briefing.

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The Trinidad and Tobago Police’s Service’s Gender-Based Violence Unit (GBVU) has been testing an electronic monitoring system that will alert officers to breaches of protection orders and is close to operationalising the plan.

This was confirmed by acting Inspector Lystra Bridglal, of the GBVU, at the weekly police press briefing at the Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

“It has been explored and as a matter of fact, we are currently on stream in operationalising this procedure. It’s called the electronic monitoring unit,” she said.

Bridglal explained that the unit is also training with the equipment but is awaiting adjustments to legislation to allow for the system to be put to use.

“The Parliament and the Government are responsible for certain amendments in this electronic monitoring system,” she said.

Bridglal said the GBVU was alarmed by the number of women killed for the year so far. They confirmed that there had been 11 women murdered, with nine of those deaths related to domestic violence, up to yesterday.

“Domestic violence has been a live issue within Trinidad and Tobago and it is very topical right now. I would advise domestic violence victims to be aware of the facilities that are available to them.

“Based on the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, victims of domestic violence are afraid to come forward. We at the GBVU have embarked on a sensitisation process,” Bridglal said.

She also gave assurances that contrary to public opinion, the police were efficient in enforcing protection orders.

“For the year so far, the Gender-Based Violence Unit has arrested and charged in excess of 25 persons. Now these persons are inclusive of domestic violence protection orders, the accompanying offences that go together with domestic violence breaches,” she said.

There are 50 police officers attached to the GBVU, Bridglal revealed.