Shane Ramjattan

The mother of missing salesman Shane Ramjattan is fearing the worse after the company’s van he was driving was found in a ditch yesterday morning with his shoes and phone.

Ramjattan, 24, a father of two, of St Julien Branch Trace, Rochard Road, Penal was last seen by his father on Wednesday night heading back to his workplace, a coconut water and juice manufacturing company.

Around 7 am yesterday the police were driving along the Penal Rock Road when reaching the ten-mile mark they saw the Kia van in the ditch in the bushes.

Upon investigating they observed the key in the ignition, the pair of shoes and a cell phone. The police made contact with Ramjattan’s relatives and his father went to the scene. He saw no traces of blood in the van.

However, one of the two coolers that Ramjattan used to transport the coconut water and juices was missing from inside the tray. Relatives said Ramjattan had no reason to be in that area which is several miles away from his home and work. His workplace and home are located on the same street.

Ramjattan was last seen by his father Ramesh Ramjattan, 60, around 8.30 pm on Wednesday leaving a bar not far from his workplace.

Ramjattan met his father at the bar around 6.30 pm after conducting sales for his employer.

The father said they drank a couple of beers and his son won a “few thousand dollars” at the Roulette machine.

Before he left he told his father that he was heading back to work to drop off the day’s sales and the van.

He lives with his parents. But, he never made it back to his workplace nor his home. His mother Radica, 59, said she suspected something was wrong when Ramjattan’s employer and his (employer) wife called inquiring about his whereabouts. “

Her husband made a report at the Barrackpore Police Station and the report was transferred to the Penal Police Station.. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact the police or his parents at 654-3001.