Police were up to late yesterday seeking to identify the body of a young male who was found dead at the Marlin’s Swim Club’s pool near St Anthony’s College in Westmoorings on Wednesday evening.

According to police, residents of Morne Coco Road heard screams coming from the college compound around 5.15 pm on Wednesday.

The residents gained access to the compound by cutting the chains of the college’s gates.

On entering the compound, the residents saw the body of a male at the bottom of the pool.

They pulled the body from the pool and contacted an ambulance.

Efforts to revive the victim failed and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police say he was five feet six inches tall, clean-shaven, medium built and wearing only a pair of grey boxer shorts. He was said to be dark-skinned of mixed descent.

Police said residents reported seeing four young men jump the walls earlier in the day and using the pool.