Khadijah Flament.

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“Olera Heights! I love my (expletive) child, but I do it to protect she. You know how many years of torture? Because I know how it feels to be tortured for years. Look how I looking, I don’t look so,” shouted an irate San Fernando woman as police escorted her away in handcuffs recently. A video shot by a resident of Olera Heights, San Fernando, showed a scary development when police went to the woman’s apartment last week to inquire about the disappearance of Princes Town mother Kadijah Flament. “I want 100 years in jail because I need a break” and “shoot me you (expletive),” the woman screamed as officers placed her in the back of a police jeep

Olera Heights residents claimed the woman can help solve the killing of Flament, 24, whose remains were found in a barrel. Days later, the main suspect contacted relatives to help dispose of the body.

On Saturday, officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region Three searched the woman’s apartment and recovered several items, including some belonging to Flament.Police confirmed that the suspect gave them information about Flament’s body and what was done in the old canefields off Ste Madeleine.

In the past three days, however, police and Flament’s relatives combed areas off Daisy Road and the M1 Tasker Road for a body but were not successful.

One issue is that police do not have the suspect’s relatives in custody. She also cannot physically lead them to a body as she under police guard in home quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. On June 7, Flament had an argument with her boyfriend at their home along Lothian’s Road, Princes Town. She decided to visit her eight-year-old daughter, who lived with a friend at Olera Heights.

Relatives said Flament was a teenager when she gave birth and the woman has been taking care of her daughter. However, Flament would often visit the child and take her out.

Later on, Flament’s boyfriend reported to relatives that she did not return and calls to her phone were unanswered. On June 10, her aunt reported her missing to Princes Town police. After the suspect’s arrest, relatives took custody of Flament’s daughter. On Sunday, Flament’s relatives were at the canefields carrying out their search. Without a body, they are hopeful of finding her alive.

Police have asked anyone who has information that can help find Flament to call the Princes Town Police Station at 655-2231, 800-TIPS, or contact the police at 555, 999, 911, any police station or share information via the TTPS app. Flament is of mixed descent, five feet tall, slim built and light skinned.