The alert concerning counterfeit $100 bills issued by the Police Service, on Thursday 17 December 2020. (Image courtesy TTPS)

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is warning all businesses to beware of a counterfeit $100 bill that has been circulating within recent days.

In an alert issued today, the TTPS stated:

“There are persons already out there seeking to turn T&T’s new $100 notes into counterfeit dollars.”

“During this Christmas season, these notes will be circulated as persons go about their shopping,” the TTPS said.

The alert added that citizens must pay attention to special features on the bills, as well as their quality and texture.

“Take note: the clear plastic window cannot be reproduced on paper.  Please check for the clear plastic window and be alert to reject any other window—white, or murky—which is how the counterfeit will be identified and defeated,” the TTPS advisory recommended.