A man walks his pet dog at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua recently.

Over the last couple of months we have addressed numerous articles on the coronavirus.

We noted there is no evidence of governmental conspiracy, link to evolving mobile technology and pets infecting their owners.

We also noted the virus is more deadly than the seasonal flu, masks and physical distancing are very important to limit disease spread and a return to normal life – including international travel, is perhaps years away.

Today, we tackle the issue of ingestion substances to treat or prevent getting sick.

Myth One: Viruses are killed by bleach, and I’m sick. It’s elementary – drinking bleach will cure me.

Do not drink bleach, disinfectants, soap, rubbing alcohol, handsanitiser and, for good measure, don’t swallow your flashlight or laser pointer either.

In general, avoid consuming inedible items. In case of uncertainty, please seek assistance over the phone from a scientific professional.

Importantly, because a chemical, drug, or substance works well in one situation does not mean it will work well in another.

Disinfectants are made for destroying pathogens found on nonporous, inorganic surfaces.

Always follow label directions!

Myth Two: I heard that this antibiotic or medicine works for COVID-19, I’ll get a link up and start taking from now.

Please don’t, use substances as directed. In veterinary medicine, we are well aware that there are some compounds used in cats which can’t be used in birds, or that some medicines need their dosages altered a hundredfold for equivalent efficacy in dogs versus cattle.

Some medicines have multiple indications, meaning they are used to treat different types of diseases and the dosages may be altered for that reason as well.

Hopefully, this serves to illustrate that no medicine should be taken without proper direction from your physician.

Additionally, because less is good does not mean more is better. Every drug is toxic at increased doses, including antimicrobials.

And, in the case of antimicrobials in particular, not only are they ineffective for viral infections, unwarranted and improper use contribute to the increasing prevalence of medically-relevant resistant bacteria. These bacteria remain on track to become the biggest medical threat in the world by 2050.

Bottom line: no medicines should be taken without the Explicit direction of your physician!

Stay at home, and if you can’t stay there, do what is practicable to stay safe!

In future articles, readers can expect to continue to learn much more about SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19, and its far-reaching implications.

In the meanwhile, for more information on this or any other health topic related to your pet, farm, or wild animal, please call us (868) 239-7837.