An overturned truck, which was travelling north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway, lies on its side in Corinth, San Fernando, yesterday. The accident caused a traffic disruption.

Despite the torrential showers that began on Saturday night, no major flooding or other weather-related incidents have been reported by the regional corporations.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Siparia Regional Corporation chairman Dinesh Sankersingh said although the rains had been heavy in the region, nothing severe happened to sound an alarm. He added that while there was a slight rise in water levels, it had not reached a threatening stage.

However, Sankersingh said with the Meteorological Office’s weather alert issued yesterday that the rains will continue into today, his corporation was ensuring it will be prepared for any worst-case scenarios.

“The disaster management is already on standby, as well as all councillors and personnel at the corporation. With our limited resources, we are standing by and looking forward to seeing if there would be the need for us to come out in any way,” Sankersingh assured.

The weather has caused little stress in the Penal/Debe region, as corporation chairman Dr Allen Sammy said there was no activity beyond the ordinary.

“We will get street flooding but it dissipates quickly—particularly this low tide. But we have not had flooding of homes, at least I have no reports yet,” Sammy said at the time.

However, Sammy said the corporation had a system in place in the event of any severe incidents occurring. He said conversations had already been held with his disaster management unit and 200 sandbags, albeit not a lot, were in place should they be needed.

Stating that they too were taking all precaution, Princes Town Regional Corporation chairman Gowrie Roopnarine said other than a fallen tree in Pascal Road, Piparo, which forced an hour-long closure to vehicular use, there were no reports of flooding in the region. However, he said, the rivers were very high.

“In the Hardbargain area, the rain is still falling at this time… it’s now easing, but the river is very, very high and if it continues, we will have some flooding in that area,” Roopnarine noted.

Guardian Media also reached out to Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation chairman Henry Awong. He furnished pictures sent by local government representative for Las Lomas/San Raphael, Balmatie Gosyne, of some minor floods in the Cunupia and Las Lomas areas.

When contacted, Gosyne said other than some minor flooding in one resident’s kitchen, there had been no major issues encountered by the rains. She, however, noted that proper drainage was needed in the area to decrease the chances of flooding.

Meanwhile, on the western part of the island, Diego Martin Regional Corporation chairman Sigler Jack said despite the rains, his region had no adverse conditions to address. He said all councillors were on alert and the corporation’s DMU was on stand-by should anything change.

The Meteorological Office issued a yellow level adverse weather alert yesterday morning which stated periods of showers will continue into today. Meteorologist Oscar Lovell, who spoke with Guardian Media via telephone, said along with the intermittent rains, one or two heavy showers were also expected with a chance of a thundershower.