Dr Bishnu Ragoonath, Chairman of the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour.

Chairman of the Council for Ethical Political Behaviour, Dr Bishnu Ragoonath, says recommendations have been made to revise the organization’s codes.

His comment follows what is expected to be major shifts by political parties to social media and digital platforms as part of their campaign strategy, leading up to the General Elections.

Parties are making the shift in order to work around the restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak in this country.

Dr Ragoonath observes that monitoring campaigning in cyberspace could be challenging.

“Unfortunately, we work within the context of the Code, and the organisations which founded that Code are the ones to make that decision as to whether or not the Council’s remit should be widened,” he explained.

“I have asked some of my students at the University to do some monitoring for me, and they are the ones who have been picking up certain things which have come up on Facebook,” he added.

The Council for Ethical Political Behaviour is encouraging the national community to help them police the hustings by reporting, via email, any infringements of the ethical political behaviour code by any of the political parties.

Dr Ragoonath assures the public that any complaint submitted will be addressed as expeditiously, as possible.