Over 10,000 registered, eligble voters cast their votes on Sunday 19 January 2020

Counting of ballots in the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) internal elections continues at 2 pm today.

Confirmation has come from Chairman of the Election Supervisory Committee, Alvin Pascal.

Pascal told Guardian Media a decision was taken in the wee hours of Monday morning to stop counting the ballots. The counting began after 6 pm yesterday, when the polling stations closed.

“The boxes with the ballots are sealed and guarded by two police officers at the Council’s office,” he told Guardian Media.

He added: “At around 4:30 am, the persons counting the ballots began crying out as they became tired. We took a decision then, talked to the candidates and they agreed to bring the boxes to the Council’s office.”

Voting in the PNM elections took place at 13 polling stations across Tobago on Sunday 19 January 2020, for over 10,000 registered eligible voters.

Using the one-man-one-vote system, the party’s members are seeking to fill the Council’s 17 executive positions, including that of Political Leader.