Faris Al-Rawi

The matter between the THA and the AG is docketed for January.
The AG pointed out that Duke and THA chief Secretary Farley Augustine is being represented by two lawyers who have done work for the United National Congress in the past.

“Quite interestingly, attorneys appearing for Mr Watson Duke in the person of Mr Anand Ramlogan, S.C,” he said adding that Ramlogan was “well-known to us”.
The AG said that the lawyers representing Duke were “habitually before the court representing the Opposition”.

Augustine, he said, was being represented by Kiel Tacklalsingh.
“Again a well-known southern lawyer, from South Trinidad who is no stranger to us, representing many matters brought by the Opposition,” he said.
“I urge the understanding that there comes a time when we have to respectfully consider what is in the best interest of the nation,” Al-Rawi said.
“Doors are not closed. The opportunity to have constructive criticism is before us,” he said.

Last week the AG challenged Duke’s appointment as deputy chief secretary of the THA in court. He noted that Duke was serving as head of the Public Service Association (PSA) and a member of the registration, recognition and certification board (RRCB).
In that claim, Al-Rawi said that Duke still receives remuneration from both bodies. One of the requirements of the THA executive is that no member must receive any payments from any external sources.

Reporter: Renuka Singh