Shastri Boodan

The Couva/Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce said it is happy that the Government had decided to extend the opening days for hardware stores in T&T.

Chamber head Ramchand Rajbal Maraj told Guardian Media that several customers and hardware dealers had been clamouring for increased opening hours since the decision to reduce the days and hours was creating more congestion.

He said when the manufacturing sector closed for the COVID-19 impasse, the supply of clay bricks, cement and concrete blocks have run out.

Maraj said this temporary shortage has created an opportunity for some unscrupulous hardware dealers to engage in price gouging to flesh-out more money from the consumer.

Maraj said the economy is depressing at this time.

He said the time is right to start re-opening small businesses that do not attract a barrage of customers as hairdressers which can take clients on an appointment basis and food services that can offer a take-away service.