A customer making a purchase at the Couva Market

Vendors operating out of the Couva Market are pleading with the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation to ease parking restrictions at Railway Road.

Vendors said the Municipal Police are in the habit of chasing away customers who park on the western side of Railway Road that runs parallel to the market.

They said they are asking that the regulations change to allow parking on both sides of the road on weekends.

Vendors who spoke with Guardian Media said motorists who park on the western side of the roadway are sometimes ticketed by the police.

This has resulted in traditional customers shopping at roadside stalls.

Vendors said since then their sales have dwindled. They said the CTTRC developed a makeshift carpark on the northern end of the market.

This area is slowly being overtaken by squatters and vagrants, according to the vendors, who added it is also unsafe to park.

Irate customers told Guardian Media they are sometimes forced to park in lonely areas that put them and their vehicles at risk.

Azad Khan, a customer, said he has no choice but to park along the Southern Main Road.

Henry Awong, the chairman of the CTTRC, said he wants to work with vendors to ensure they earn a living.

Awong said he has scheduled a meeting with vendors for next Tuesday so they can discuss the way forward.

Awong said the CTTRC has applied for a 14-acre parcel of land in 2014 and it was never granted.

He said the land was to develop the market and a secured carpark.