It has been almost a week since new measures have been implemented to deal with the COVID 19 spike in Trinidad and Tobago. One may say that it is too early to determine if it is working or not but at present it is quite noticeable that there has not been any change to the spread of this virus.

On Thursday we recorded the highest number in one day-81 and our active cases are now beyond the six hundred mark. If something is not done now to deal with this spike our health care will be greatly impacted negatively, something that no one wants.

Let us go back to when the virus first hit our shores and why we were successful in dealing with it. The main reason I believe was crowd control where people were not out there in large numbers so minimum contact by citizens.

I would like to suggest to the Government just as the public service did with their employees avoiding everyone being out at the same time this should be encouraged everywhere. The private sector can look into working at home where possible of staggered working hours etc.

Something must be done to deal with the many positive cases of COVID 19 we are experiencing at this time and not allow it to get out of hand.

Prevention is always better than cure.

It is time to add other measures to fight this deadly virus. In my humble opinion our leaders should meet to discuss what is taking place.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan

via email