Jenelle Elie, founder of Covid Buster fixes a face shield and mask on her daughter.

Jesse Ramdeo

Three nursing assistants have taken their fight against the pandemic outside the hospital walls with a campaign called ‘COVID Buster’ aimed at raising public awareness.

On Thursday, Jenelle Ellie and her colleagues will be on display at schools as they distribute masks and other items needed to fight off the virus ahead of this year’s Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination.

Ellie, a nursing assistant with over two decades of life-saving skills under her belt has answered her calling to provide care, this time under extreme circumstances.

“Since the launch of the vaccine process, I have been one of the nurses being in the room there every day. It has been very hectic from day one, I could tell you it has been Sunday to Sunday, nonstop but the passion of what you do keeps you going.”

After witnessing firsthand the pressures and heartbreak caused by the pandemic, Ellie and two other colleagues knew they had to summon their courage even when they were out of their scrubs.

“I designed these masks with the logo COVID Buster so I had my colleagues at work wearing the masks so what I think wearing the mask will do is when someone sees you with a COVID Buster mask it reminds them it is not over, we still have to bust COVID, we still have to follow the safety protocols and wearing masks and sanitizing and all of that.”

Ellie explained how selflessness has been the superpower of health care workers amid the current crisis.

“Passion, passion, passion, because being in the service for 20 plus years it becomes part of who you are, it’s natural that you want to do more.”

It is why Ellie and her COVID buster colleagues will be going over and beyond to ensure students sitting the SEA exam on Thursday are safe.

“So to allay the fear of parents, I contacted a few schools within my area and I reached out to the principals and I asked if they would accept the face shields which the children could wear and individual hand sanitisers for the kids.”

Ellie and her colleagues’ heroics are fuelled by their desire to care for others and she is hopeful their efforts, largely funded by themselves, could benefit more students and the wider public.

“When the word gets out, I’d be able to do more schools because we have C-SEC and CAPE exams going on, Covid busting will be ongoing and we will do our best to help as many as we can.”