Social Development and Family Services Minister Donna Cox.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Donna Cox has called on citizens to pray for the Burke family.

She said she intended to visit them today, after three of their children died in a house fire at Rookery Nook, Maraval on Monday. But the Minister said when she spoke to a relative she was told that the father, Troy Burke, was not ready for visitors.

“We planned to go there after but when we called I think the father is still really traumatised,” Cox said.

Cox made the comment as she visited the scene of a collapsed house in Factory Road Diego Martin.

“I know that this is time that the family is grief-stricken and we will adhere to their wishes at this time,” she said

But she did send her condolences to the family of Ezekiel Burke, 17, Faith Burke, six, and Kayden Burke, three, who perished in the blaze.

She said the Ministry’s Family Services Division has been calling almost every hour to check in on the family and asked citizens to pray for them.

“This is not an easy situation,” she expressed.