FLASHBACK - Asgarili Mohammed and Zorida Mohammed show their GENUINE Immunization Cards after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at the Penal Rock Road Health Centre, in June 2021.
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The Health Ministry met with the Police Service on Wednesday morning to plan a further enhanced crackdown on false vaccination cards, as the government moves to make the Public Service a quasi safe zone on January 17th.

However, the Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, chose not to go into details about the plans to ensure honesty among public officers.

The Minister also announced the booster schedule for those who received their second doses in July 2020. The schedule is expected to be placed on the Ministry’s various information platforms. He said those who missed their window in the last cycle can still get their booster.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases have declined over the holiday period. But according to the Health Ministry’s Epidemiologist, Dr Avery Hinds, this could be because people did not turn up for testing over the period. He said the situation will be monitored to see if there is a genuine decline in cases.

On Monday, Principal Medical Officer of Institutions, Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards, said the ministry is expecting a spike in cases over the coming days emerging out of the holiday period due to gatherings and movement of people.