After mounting backlash and even death threats for a website allegedly created to circulate information and images of alleged sex offenders in T&T, its creator said people got it all wrong.

In a telephone interview with its creator who requested anonymity, he said the recently developed website: www.mytriniexperience.com/registry, was not an ‘unofficial sex offenders registry,’ created to highlight sexual offences, as being purported, rather it was a blog in which stories inspired by true events would be shared.

“Nowhere on my site, does it ever say that this is a sex offenders registry. It said that this is a registry of persons who would have been charged with violent crimes against women in Trinidad and Tobago. It never at any time said that these people were convicted. It never at any time said that these people were guilty and it never at any time said that these people committed these crimes,” the creator said.

He said the photos of the alleged perpetrators were photos taken from daily newspapers, which were all quoted on the website.

“Never would I be irresponsible enough to take a story from a person and attribute someone else’s photo to that story. I will never be that irresponsible,” swore the creator.

To the many negative comments, posted online about the website in which photo publications of Public Services Association President, Watson Duke, and soca artistes, Kimba Sorzano appear, the creator said, he was confused, as his website was nothing new because there were many online domains in T&T dedicated to sharing stories of crime and violence that appear in the newspaper. He said the only difference was that his website, focused specifically on the physical safety of women.

About the website being a blog, the creator said he has asked people to send stories that were inspired by true events, but these stories will be edited to protect the identity of persons and to avoid any legal implications.

He said the senders would not write the stories that will appear on the blog. However, the intent of telling these stories was to raise awareness among women and girls of the crimes against women not just in T&T but across the world.

Responding to Guardian media’s question on why the website was created only now after the murder of Andrea Bharatt’s and not before with all the other gender-based killings in the country, the creator said, he always wanted to speak out, being also a survivor of violent crimes, both physical and sexual when he lived in T&T.

“I have been a victim of serious crimes in Trinidad. I saw my mother be a victim of a serious crime and we never got any sort of justice. The police refused to make a report…absolutely nothing was done. I have had violent things done to me. I have had sexual crimes done to me and got no justice,” explained the creator.

His recent step into fatherhood, welcoming a daughter, he said, caused him to stop procrastinating.

“Very recently I became a first-time parent and the world started to look differently. Things that never really touched me before, started to affect me psychologically. I started to see myself in other people’s shoes. I started to think, what if it were my kid.”

He said for many years he had knocked on the doors of politicians for help and to do the right thing for the country—looking after the nation the way it deserved to be looked after and protecting its citizens which was the first responsibility of any Government, but all was in vain.

He said it was on these premises, he decided it was time to take a stand.