YTRC residents perform a Drumology.

Crime—murders, murders, robberies and rape—was the “Kaiso, kaiso” topic on Wednesday delivered by inmates of prisons throughout T&T.

The prisoners were participating in the Inmates Carnival Showcase, at Woodford Square, Port of Spain.

Feeraz Ali of Carrera Convict Prison, with his rendition “Reform T&T Youths”, begged youths to hear his call and stay away from crime. He warned them that they either will spend a life behind prison walls, or in a coffin.

He also gave a solution of reformation for the youths and called on parents “to spend time with young ones, as it will deter them from doing wrong”. He also urged parents to teach youngsters the value of morality as well as discipline.

Port of Spain prisoner Samuel Lewis, in his rendition “A Cry for T&T”, sang his belief of bringing back peace, love and unity. He said it is the only way that “can only bring back T&T for you and me”.

Port of Spain Prison’s inmate Ainsley Letren’s song, “Try and Live the Right Way”, focused on the importance of education/trade and getting a proper salary: “Find a job and good will happen…son… Try and live the right way… If you end up in prison, it have books and library… Use it and come out a better man.”

Inmate from the Maximum Security Prison, Eric Benjamin, in his rendition “Life is How you make It”, promised to be a better man given his experiences. He also sang about spirituality as a main factor in his transformation.

During his brief address which highlighted many of the difficulties that continue to face the prisons, Minister of National Security Stuart Young commended the extra work and effort by the prisons officers in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

Other performances were given by: MSP’s Vernon Trotman “True Rehabilitation”; Tobago Prison’s Akelon Charles ” Mudslide”; Remand Prison’s Rondell Richards “Spread the Word”; Women’s Prison’s Sherry-Ann Lalloo ” Just want to be a Star” and MSP’s Kester Benjamin “More Things Change.”