“Stop what you’re doing.”

This was the plea from Crime Watch videographer David Crichlow who fears his family may be attacked after a viral voice note began circulating, stating that he and his family had spread COVID-19 in Mafeking, Mayaro.

Crichlow has been in self-quarantine since March 25, hours after his boss, Ian Alleyne announced that he tested positive for COVID-19.

The entire Crime Watch staff had been issued quarantine notices but Crichlow said none of them has exhibited any viral symptoms and has not been tested. The quarantine ends on April 8.

While there is a fear that he could test positive, he said people are discriminating against him and his family since the voice note went viral on social media. The panic was so great that he was almost evicted from his rental apartment.

“I was thinking that people would probably try to attack me and my family. I was fearful of that because I read in Jamaica that disinfectant was thrown on somebody who was suspected of having the virus. I would like to tell those people sharing these fake news that they should be ashamed of themselves.

“Stop what you’re doing because you’re affecting people. It’s almost like saying that we have leprosy. My family is upset because everybody is watching the house, saying that the whole neighbourhood has the virus. I have not been leaving home and I feel like I am in a prison.”

Crichlow said the voice note has erroneous details as it claimed that his wife and son were also in quarantine. However, his son lives with his mother and they have not seen each other for weeks. Meanwhile, his wife is a US citizen, who is currently abroad.

Crichlow said he went to his mother’s home for food recently and she along with other relatives are quarantined. None of them ave been tested for the virus or exhibited any symptoms. He said since being quarantined, health officials contact him daily to ensure he is complying with the order. Meanwhile, he has also noticed police passing frequently and checking to see whether his car is parked outside his home.

But quarantine life is a struggle. There is no work at the studio and his relatives are also quarantined.

“There is no concern about how I will eat and get other stuff. The Government is telling you to quarantine yourself but you need to get food. So far a pastor has dropped off a few things for me by the gate. I would go outside and collect it. I am also concerned about rent because right now Ian is getting medical attention. I am studying how to pay my rent.”

He said while he feels well, he is worried that he could develop the virus having had contact with Alleyne before and after his boss’ Miami trip.

However, he has faith in God and continues to pray for good health.