Crown Point and Store Bay are now ‘ghost towns’

Story and Images by SHASTRI BOODAN

The empty Store Bay beach, Tobago.

Crown Point was the hub of activity in Tobago and the island’s tourism focal point. 16 days into April, the area has become a virtual ghost town.

The airport has no activity; businesses that are mostly small restaurants and bars all have closed; guest houses are shut; and the usually packed Store Bay has the appearance of a beach on a deserted island.

The empty Store Bay beach, Tobago.

When Guardian Media visited Store Bay on Thursday, the area was totally devoid of human life. The only sounds to be heard were the birds chirping in the trees and fallen leaves rustling on the concrete walkways. The usual barrage of touts clamouring for customers for Bucco Reef tours have all disappeared.

The empty life guard hut at Store Bay.

The sole bar on the beach is closed. Its message “Tough Things Don’t Last, Tough People Do” stands as a strong message of hope.

The message of hope on the bar at Store Bay

The craft market that once buzzed with tourists looks like the remains of an abandoned town cut off from the rest of the island.

The empty streets at Crown Point, Tobago on Thursday

Few people are outside in Crown Point.

The community that depended heavily on tourism yesterday, is today the community with the least activity on the island.

An elderly man sits next to a closed juice stall on the corner of Milford Road and Pigeon Point Road at Crown Point