Shamfa Cudjoe - Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs.

There will be no change as to who will be the host of the Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) next year. Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe gave the assurance that T&T will host the Games whenever it will be held.

However, it could be in 2023, as both the government of T&T, through the Sports Ministry and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) attempt to decide on a date following the passage of the current COVID-19 situation which has brought all business and sporting activities to a virtual stop around the world.

Cudjoe in a recent interview with Guardian Media Sports on Monday revealed that both parties met last week and a date will be confirmed by September. The seventh edition of the Youth Games was scheduled to take place from August 1-7, 2021 after T&T was awarded the competition by the CGF in June, last year.

However, the CYG, like many other meets and tournaments, is likely to be postponed due to the deadly impact of the pandemic on the global international sporting calendar.

“We would have won the bid last year and of course, due to the COVID-19 situation, we had to review our position of exactly when the Games will take place. We had our first meeting with the Commonwealth Youth Games Federation the week before last week Monday, and we came up with a position as to looking into when this COVID situation continues, looking at what’s on the table right now, and when is a tentative date we can plan for, for the Games,” Cudjoe told Guardian Media Sports.

With the Tokyo Olympic Games having been rescheduled to July 23 – August 8, 2021, during the original dates of the CYG, Cudjoe has not ruled out next year although hosting in 2023 is a possibility, as there could be too many meets next year to compete with.

“Of course, 2021 will be the odd challenge because the Olympics has been pushed to 2021 and we would not want to have two Summer Games taking place at the same time, so they are looking at 2023.

“We hope to meet again very soon, hopefully around June but definitely by September, we will come up with a final and firm position. And if there and changes to the budget, or any changes to be made that require the attention of cabinet, I am sure the cabinet will be open to consider,” Cudjoe said.