Keithisha Cudjoe

Relatives of Keithisha Cudjoe 21 say they have no faith in the justice system and believe Cudjoe’s killing will remain unsolved. “I could see it as an open and shut case, case closed right there, you know? People going to talk about it and like they say in Trinidad, after nine days everything back to normal,” said Keithisha’s cousin, who asked to remain anonymous.

The decomposed body of the mother of one was found Heights of Aripo last Friday but she had only been reported missing on Saturday. On Tuesday, her relatives identified her at the Forensic Science Centre by her shoes, glasses and bits of clothing.
“Is like you really don’t feel it until it really happens in your home,” he said.
Her older cousin said he would do anything to assist in finding her killer. He said the entire family was still in shock.

“I still trying to come to terms with it… I studying her mother,” he said.
The 21-year-old grew up in Upper Covigne Road in Diego Martin and her cousin described her as a light-spirited, positive woman, who was trying to motivate herself.
“She wasn’t as fortunate as other young ladies to be growing up in a well put home and stuff, so she was making the best of what she had… she was trying to keep she head on,” he said.

He said the last time he saw her was at a family gathering last year where she greeted him with a lot of love. “You suppose to forgive and forget alright, but I would not forgive him right now. Eventually I would because that is toting a weight on you,” he said.
He said he is willing to support any group or march held not just for his cousin but for the protection of women in Trinidad and Tobago.

Reporter: Carisa Lee