An employee of the Ministry of Transport’s Licensing Division assists a member of the public at the San Fernando office yesterday.

After two months of closure, Licensing offices across T&T reopened their doors yesterday.

“I came to do a transfer this morning and it was wonderful… we just had to wait for the computer to update and that was it,” customer Michelle said outside the Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain office.

When Guardian Media visited both South and Port-of-Spain offices yesterday, there were no crowds and most customers described the process as smooth.

“It was to me very perfect, plenty protocols taking place and also they have like plenty social distancing, sanitising and thing, so I felt safe,” said Josiah Perry, who received his first driving permit yesterday.

Some customers, who made appointments before the closure in May, had to reapply.

In San Fernando, workers attended to customers outside of building, greeting some as they as they arrived.

“The person now giving me the form there, I have to go and full out the form,” one customer said just before receiving further instructions from an employee.

But the reopening of the offices and compounds did not only benefit customers and employees.

Larry Duprey is a self-employed worker at the Licensing compound in Port-of-Spain.

He paints on the signs and weights for vehicles ahead of inspection and while the first day was not very active, he was happy for the resumption of what he called his essential business.

“I doh (sic) expect things to be bright at this point in time but as times go by, things will pick up, as you see the car park is empty… things are real slow, no work as yet,” he said.

Duprey said while he does not have too many responsibilities, the last two months were challenging.

“I just had was to see bout (sic) myself…I did not had it as rough as some people but it was also rough for me you know?” he explained.