Members of the public do some shopping at PriceSmart at Invader’s Bay, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

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Amid the economic fallout due to COVID-19, many people still participated in this year’s Black Friday sales in the capital city.

“We have a steady flow of customers, so people are coming in and picking up and responding positively to the sale,” Excellent Stores Branch Supervisor Gervais Nathaniel said.

But those who participated were financially smart.

Most patrons Guardian Media spoke with said they used the discounts to purchase the items they needed.

“A lot of people don’t have the cash so a little even if you save a couple bucks that is enough for them to get what they need,” One Price Smart shopper said.

She said she needed a new television for three months but waited on this PriceSmart’s sale to make the purchase.

“I saved a lot, a lot of money, probably about $1,000 or $2,000… I paid $3,800 for the 58 inch,” she said.

Televisions seemed to be the big seller at this year’s Smart Week sale at PriceSmart as several people were seen leaving with TVs of all sizes in their trolleys.

“It wasn’t as ram as we thought but more TVs than anything was going,” Mark Anthony Phillips said.

Sherry Thomas was seen carrying two 40 inch televisions into her car trunk. She said she bought them so her children can have bigger screens to jack in their tablets and phones for their online classes.

It’s the kind of sale Excellent Stores preplanned for this year. Nathaniel said the discounts were on selected items they thought people may need for Christmas.

“We have our Christmas trees, we have toys for 70 per cent off,” he said.

To avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19, Nathaniel said only 20 people were allowed inside at one time and all protocols such as hand sanitizing and mask-wearing had to be adhered to.

“Every so often I do checks,” he added.

It was the same at Standards Distributors on Queen Street where the prices for items on sale were almost slashed in half.

One main item, which was drastically reduced, was tablets to assist any parent who may need one for their child. One shopper said as soon as she got her cheque she came to purchase a television and saved hundreds.

Other stores such as Payless and several clothing stores across the country also had Black Friday sales.

“You see so much stuff at good prices so you buy,” one shopper said.